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⏰ (IST)6:20 PM 
Copper Cable Scrap=712(-4)⬇️
Copper Heavy Scrap=705(-5)⬇️
Copper Armechar=693(-4)⬇️
Copper Utensil Scrap=640(+0)⬆️
Copper Billet=740(-4)⬇️
Brass Utensils Scrap=453(-2)⬇️
Brass Sheet Cutting=521(-7)⬇️
Gun Metal Scrap=500(+0)⬆️
Brass Honey=457(+1)⬆️
Aluminium Utensils Scrap=195(+0)⬆️
Aluminium Ingot=237(+4)⬆️
Zin Ingot=263(+3)⬆️
Lead Ingot=192(+1)⬆️
Tin Ingot=2825(+40)⬆️
Nickel Cathode=1515(-40)⬇️
C C Rod=737(+2)⬆️

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