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New Delhi, October 20 -: KAY2 TMT India's youngest & fastest-growing TMT Bars manufacturer in the country, today announced that the company has amplified its brand identity with the unveiling of a new premium TMT brand "KAY2 Xenox". The company now intends to fortify its reach in the TMT segment by adopting a new technology in the manufacturing of TMT bars.

KAY2 Xenox is a premium brand of KAY2 TMT Bars which offers a unique rib design that strongly bonds with concrete in a hexagonal pattern and ensures a solid foundation and quality of any structure. It provides premium TMT bars crucial for construction across earthquake-prone areas that is needed for today's modern construction. Its internal angles of 720-degree hexagon deliver superior bonding enabling solid quality in construction that is able to tolerate a high degree of stress.

Touted as intelligent steel, KAY2 Xenox's MESH grip, 200 per cent higher bond strength and superior physical and chemical properties make it ideal for all contemporary construction needs. Manufactured using high-grade pure Fe 500 & 500D, it saves up to 20 per cent of steel in construction and delivers a consistent quality as per BIS standard.

"With the strengthening and up-gradation of our brand identity, we have now calibrated it with our promise that ensures to provide best quality of products in the market. The company has been at the forefront of innovation always offering best quality products that match with the expectations of the industry. KAY2 Xenox is a premium brand and we are targeting to increase our presence more in the country," said Sunil Agarwal, Director, KAY2 Xenox, while speaking on the occasion.

The company has a unique franchisee model for setting up manufacturing plants of TMT Bars across India. Currently, it has tied-up with 30 manufacturing plants and has a network of around 3500 dealers and distributors across the country. In FY 20 KAY2 TMT brand sales turnover was Rs 2300 crore and expected to achieve the turnover of around Rs. 3500 crore by the end of the current fiscal.

"With a gradual revival of the economy and unlocking of industries across India post COVID-19, construction and infrastructure sectors have started showing signs of recovery in demand. Even the government has announced a huge push to agri infra for the coming days and all this is surely going to impact us positively. So overall all these signals make us quite bullish for the coming months and we are fully geared to meet the demand with our high quality product offerings. We are also eyeing to double our manufacturing capacity of TMT bars from 10 lakh MT to 20 lakh MT in the next 2 Year," added Agarwal.

KAY2 Brand TMT bars was founded in 2006 with a vision to provide Best Quality TMT Bars at reasonable Price. KAY2 TMT bars is one of the most trusted TMT bars (Steel for modern engineering) marketed under the brand "KAY2 TMT Bars". Internationally recognized manufacturing and quality processes, consistency in volumes and assured timely deliveries have made KAY2 TMT, the bars of choice for most construction companies in India. KAY2 TMT bars have revolutionized construction and set industry standards, firmly placing India on the global construction map for the best in class steel bars.


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